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Encentivizer provides actionable data for manufacturers, energy efficiency professionals, and utilities.

It’s cost effective digital customer engagement for all the industry’s stakeholders -- empowering all customers to make smarter + faster energy efficiency decisions. Encentivizer is a scalable, cloud technology that uses vast amounts of energy efficiency product information and utility incentives which empowers utilities and the energy efficiency community to engage business customers and guide them to take action to permanently reduce their energy consumption.

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    Encentivizer has a 4.9 out of 5 stars customer satisfaction rating - our customers’ success is our #1 priority!

  • Utilities analyzed daily

    Over 3,200 utilities analyzed and updated daily, with tens of thousands of unique incentive calculations

  • Details on millions of qualified products

    Every detail you need to know on millions of qualified energy efficiency products are stored in Encentivizer

  • Digital customer engagement at scale

    Over 100,000 Encentivizer Widget impressions in every single state in the United States and across Canada