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Encentivizer is so much more than utility program data and rebate estimates. We’ve got different tools that fit you and your business.


Increase awareness of your utility-qualified products with customers and distributors. Provide access to quickly find your ENERGY STAR® and DLC® qualified products including rebates, with a whole lot less work.

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Distributors + Agents

Save time researching rebates in unfamiliar utilities and assemble necessary documentation for submission. Show how utility rebates can reduce the upfront cost of upgrading and reduce energy bills.

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Utilities + Program Implementers

Increase program participation and improve customer engagement by standardizing your overall process – spending less time correcting submission errors and chasing required information.

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Help your customers make faster purchasing decisions. Evaluate rebates for a single project or an average project scope, and get all the necessary documentation for rebate submission.

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Encentivizer provides actionable data for manufacturers, energy efficiency professionals, and utilities.

The utility incentive process becomes a lot simpler when qualified products and utility program data are connected all in one place. Use accurate estimates in proposals, provide the information right on your website, manage your projects, and so much more!

Join us on our mission to make the world more energy efficient with Encentivizer.

The Encentivizer Database is at the core of every product we offer

The main component that powers each product is our proprietary database. This gives you incredible insight into every utility program connected with qualified products, and Encentivizer allows the information to be delivered in many different ways.

Utilities analyzed daily

Over 3,200 utilities analyzed and updated daily

DLC® & ENERGY STAR® Product Catalogs

Every detail you need to know on hundreds of thousands of qualified energy efficiency products

No Data Maintenance

This includes all utility program information, qualified product lists, and calculations

Rebates + Incentive Calculations

Tens of thousands of unique incentive calculations for midstream and downstream C&I programs

Let’s do this together! There’s no need to start from scratch - learn from industry experts.

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Power your team, customers, and business with Encentivizer

Catalog Widget

Empower your agents, distributors, and sales teams to work smarter all while providing valuable information to your end customers.

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Payback Widget

Your sales channels can quickly show prospects the benefits of an LED upgrade with a payback analysis that includes utility rebates and energy savings.

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Product Awareness

Boost your sales and marketing strategy and see where the highest rebates are by product across every utility.

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Rebate Explorer

Quickly look up utility program status and details in one easy step – plus rebate estimates by product category. No more navigating complicated programs or doing the calculations.

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Use our data the way you want. Integrate it to power-up the tools you use now.

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