Reaching the Other 50%: Why Utilities Are Missing Half of Commercial Buyers (And How You Can Fix It)

Start off with a deep dive and see for yourself why you should start providing C&I customers with instant rebates online – right where they shop. All while addressing program design challenges such as awareness, attribution, and influence. Download the ebook now – no form required!

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How ecommerce for Utilities Works

We connect you with etailers that sell commercial lighting equipment (horticulture, HVAC, Water Heating, and more coming soon!) and provide you with a way to offer instant rebates right on their ecommerce site through a plugin.




Customers are immediately aware instant rebates are available in their territory

The customer knows there are utility efficiency rebates upon entering the site since the ecommerce site will promote rebate eligible products in a variety of ways including curated product listings or filtered product views


Seeing rebates listed on the the product pages

The customer will provide their zip code and the rebate amount will be clearly listed under the product price simplifying the comparison process between products and prices and driving them towards the more efficiency option




Incentives displayed on final receipt

Since utilities often require instant rebate programs to attribute the utility with the origins of the rebate, customers purchasing through participating etailers will receive an order confirmation that includes a breakdown of their purchase with the rebate amount – including the name of the sponsoring utility.


Address validation at checkout

Similar to finding a rebate on Amazon, the discount will not officially appear until checkout. Prompts in the cart to confirm eligibility drive the customer down the journey to completing their purchase


Customer Experience

Provide customers with an outstanding experience during consideration and post-sale that meets their expectations.

Provide a positive touch point with your commercial customers

Communicate the value of efficiency right where your customers are making purchasing decisions

Continue to meet regulatory requirements while providing rebates that align with your customers’ shopping journey

Maintain program performance in the face of health and safety protocols

This is a big “wow” moment because it makes it so effortless for your customers to purchase efficient equipment with rebates instantly during checkout.

So what does this mean for you?

You can start participating in this ecommerce program right now.

Promote efficiency rebates on product pages and landing pages of ecommerce sites

Allow customers to easily see which products qualify for rebates within your program and the actual rebate value online

Validate their eligibility in the cart and clearly display your utility name and amount on their final receipt

Not sure where to start? We can steer you in the right direction and answer any questions that you have! Enter your email in the form and get the rundown shortly.