How the Ecommerce Instant Rebate Plugin Works for Your Site


The first instant rebate plugin designed exclusively for your ecommerce store to offer instant utility rebates in the cart for commercial LED lighting (horticulture, HVAC, Water Heating, and more coming soon!).

You can use it to drive traffic, accelerate your sales cycle, speed up checkout, and give your site visitors a great online experience. No paperwork to fill out.

Install on your website with a few clicks, no developer needed – go live quickly!


4 Reasons to Start Using the Ecommerce Instant Rebate Plugin for Your Store Today


Shorten your online sales cycle

  • Your revenue targets are growing quarter over quarter
  • Increase revenue and build loyalty with customers
  • Offer a discount without having to reduce margin




Show visitors the rebate where and when it matters

On product pages, your homepage, in the cart, abandon cart emails, popups, banners, push notifications, and more!

We’ve built a new (and different) kind of plugin for ecommerce stores. Designed to help you sell more on all the popular ecommerce platforms. Built for small and growing sites and larger enterprise sites!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Give visitors a new online experience

  • Segment products that qualify for rebates into their own section or as link in the navigation menu
  • Add an promo block on your homepage to advertise instant rebates
  • Use geolocation to detect your visitors location and let them know instant rebates are available in their area

Up your advertising game

  • Expand customer base and retain existing customers by driving repeat sales
  • Get more email subscribers by letting them know all rebates available in your store
  • Personalize paid advertising with instant rebates (PPC, search, social, and more)

What does this mean for you?

No maintenance once the plugin is installed (updates via API)

Support after purchase including step-by-step framework for implementation and execution plans

Sync with your accounting/billing system

Install on your website with a few clicks, no developer needed – go live immediately!

Start Selling More Today

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*Plugin is not available on the marketplace or app store of your ecommerce platform provider.