The Encentivizer API provides programmatic access to Encentivizer cloud-based rebate program data and calculation engines. It is designed to allow developers to quickly and easily incorporate rebate data into their applications.

The Encentivizer platform contains detailed rebate and incentive program data, and calculation rules for electric utilities in the US and Canada, updated daily. Qualified Product List information is updated from the DesignLights Consortium® and ENERGY STAR®.

API Design: REST
Protocol: HTTPS
Transport: JSON
Authentication: HTTP Authorization Header Token


The Encentivizer API offers platform data access to the following areas:

  • Utilities – Retrieve information about utilities and their rebate programs
  • Products – Retrieve information about Qualified
  • Product Lists
  • Projects – Create projects and calculate incentives
  • Account Management – For resellers, create and manage user accounts

Use Cases

The API can be used in a number of applications, including:

  • Adding rebate calculation to an audit tool
  • Providing utility program information to sales teams
  • Including qualified product information in custom proposals
  • Updating inventory or sales tracking system with rebate and product information
  • Add rebate information to a marketing website

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