Large Financial Services Company Finds Out for Themselves, “Does Encentivizer™ Portfolio Awareness Really Work?”

This project was for a large corporate financial services company that consisted of LED lighting and control system upgrades for over 1,000 branch and admin locations to make the buildings as energy efficient as possible.

An average scope of work was determined to use in the analysis. This scope was uploaded to Encentivizer Portfolio Awareness to analyze the potential rebates. Using an average scope helped to provide an idea of what the rebates might look like across various utilities, therefore allowing the customer to prioritize which locations to complete first. Portfolio Awareness results were a great influence on their capital plan, using rebates to help prioritize energy efficiency initiatives for this national account. There were some concerns that the rebate programs might close or the utilities might change their programs for 2018, but using Portfolio Awareness they can easily rerun the portfolio of building sites to see updated rebate program information. Using utility rebates based on energy savings to determine how to map out a project completion plan made it more cost effective.

Without Portfolio Awareness, finding the utility rebate program details for each of the 1,000+ building locations would have been done manually – as well as the rebate calculation for the scope of work. However, in Portfolio Awareness each location is populated as a bubble on a map (the size of the bubble is based on the amount of the rebate the larger the rebate, the bigger the bubble). You can also download a spreadsheet file of the locations with all the rebate details to sort and view the data in a different way.

“With so many different utility rebate programs, Encentivizer gives direction and takes the guess work out.”

Once the new equipment is installed at each location then the application for prescriptive rebates will begin. The energy savings needs to be quantified for upgrading from the old equipment to the new equipment, but large savings are forecasted. The amount of incentives this company will receive is very exciting!

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