Utility Rebates

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy is committed to advancing energy efficiency policies, programs, technologies, investments and behaviors.

Energy policies, programs and regulations that provide utility rebates and incentive to pursue energy efficiency have yielded significant benefits to all consumers. Utilities can cut costs by reducing the need for new equipment to keep up with a growing energy demand. Ratepayers are treated to lower monthly payments as a result of the lower energy costs caused by reduced demand. In the end, everyone benefits from energy efficiency programs and policies.

Other Financing Solutions

Realize Total Energy Cost Savings and Meet Sustainability Goals

For businesses, implementing energy efficiency measures can prove quite challenging. Innovative financing programs are available to address the financial complications of funding your energy efficiency upgrades.  On-bill financing programs incorporate the cost into the electricity rate over the length of the commodity contract.  Other programs run through the Investor Confidence Project are designed to ensure that the monthly energy savings are greater than the monthly payments.

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