LED Lighting Facts® Program is Ending

Did you know the Department of Energy is ending the LED Lighting Facts® Program? Here’s how the DesignLights Consortium® is reacting and the short and long term implications.

The LM-79 portion of the DLC® application will be removed March 30, 2018. The DesignLights Consortium is maintaining a list of all approved labs that can conduct the LM-79 test here.

Don’t know what the LED Lighting Facts program is?
The DOE’s LED Lighting Facts program showcases LED products for general illumination from manufacturers who commit to testing products and reporting performance results according to industry standards. For lighting buyers, designers, and energy efficiency programs, the program provides information essential to evaluating SSL products. Central to the program is the LED Lighting Facts label, which presents independently verified performance data in a simple summary that facilitates accurate comparison between products. The data is measured by the industry standard for testing photometric performance, IES LM-79, and covers five areas: light output (lumens), watts, efficacy (lumens per watt), correlated color temperature, and color rendering index. Optional information related to LED lumen maintenance and warranty may also be provided on the label. Learn more about the LED Lighting Facts program here.


Source: https://www.energy.gov/eere/ssl/led-lighting-facts

2 thoughts on “LED Lighting Facts® Program is Ending

    1. Hi Chick, thanks for reaching out to us! The DOE said the program was discontinued due to continued federal budget and funding uncertainty. The result of this is that the DLC® will now maintain its own list of approved labs that can conduct LM-79 testing for DLC applications. Please let us know if you need anything else or more clarification.

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