The Encentivizer provides a suite of tools that are best-in-class and relied upon by companies to maximize all energy efficiency projects. Whether you are an Energy Efficiency Product Manufacturer, Distributor & Contractor, Utility, Program Implementer or a National/Multi-Site Facility End User – Encentivizer’s robust technology delivers real-time solutions with the click of a button.


Product Manufacturers


Promote new products and increase sales with the Encentivizer platform. Find out which rebates are available so you can sell more effectively and understand the ever-changing landscape of rebates and incentives. Drive marketing initiatives and support national sales teams’ efforts to close more deals faster.

Want rebates on your website for your products? Boost sales and generate leads with Encentivizer Widget.

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Distributors and Contractors


Do you work in areas that are covered by multiple programs and spend too much time trying to comply with the complex rules associated with utility rebates? The Encentivizer can integrate into your existing workflow and processes allowing sales and implementation teams to accurately estimate, submit and receive all eligible rebates.



The Encentivizer is the only front-end scalable solution that can cost-effectively drive awareness and automate the application process. Supercharge your rebate programs and connect with more customers like never before. Increase program participation through advanced marketing, lead generation and custom reporting.

Program Implementers


Are you relying on traditional marketing models to ensure there are enough projects in the pipeline to achieve program goals? Decrease marketing and outreach costs while providing more accurate and detailed leads on potential energy efficiency projects with the Encentivizer.

National & Multi-Site Accounts


Leveraging rebate and incentive programs to maximize your ROI is almost impossible when you are considering an energy efficiency solution at multiple facilities across multiple utility territories. Encentivizer helps you build a strategy to get the most ROI. Browse qualified product listings so design teams can implement products, instantly know if pre-approval is required, and get real-time estimates anywhere in North America. Schedule a Demo with us now.



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