Our scalable, cloud technology gives comprehensive and accessible intelligence on energy efficiency product information and incentives so that customers and their contractors always get the most out of a rebate program.

The Encentivizer Database is at the core of every product we offer

The main component that powers each of our products from Manufacturer tools to UtilityGenius™ is our proprietary Encentivizer database. This gives you incredible insight into every utility program connected with qualified products for LED lighting, Horticulture, HVAC, Controls, EV Charging, Fans, VFD, Refrigeration, and more. Encentivizer allows the information to be delivered in many different ways, from webtools, to API’s.


How do we keep the data updated?

We take our data very seriously, so it’s important how we keep it up to date. We have a multi-step process.

  1. Proprietary software to track changes in utility programs daily
  2. Our team of analysts work on rebate processing and continuously updating the database
  3. We’re registered as trade allies and get regular communications from utilities

Who Can Benefit?

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, contractor, agent, utility, program implementer, facility manager, or an ESCO, Encentivizer can help you with utility rebate estimates, customer engagement, product qualification, proposals, and keeping up with utility program changes.

Categories in Encentivizer

  •   LED Lighting

  •   Horticulture

  •   HVAC

  •   Controls

  •   Fans

  •   VFD

  •   EV Charging

  •   and Growing!!

Where are we going?

As excited as we are about what we already track today, we have high expectations as to future additions to our database alongside even more offerings for all of our customer categories.  From website tools to UtilityGenius, sign up for our newsletter below to stay updated on when all of our roadmap items go into effect!

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