crmOur cloud-based platform is the perfect fit for companies of all sizes.

Close deals like never before and improve every aspect of your current workflow to submit energy efficiency rebates. Deliver accurate estimates, proposals and contracts to your clients within seconds – not days. Use programs you’re used to – The Encentivizer integrates with Microsoft Excel®, Salesforce® and other CRM systems or your own third party application.

Connect your projects with the most complete, up-to-date set of rebate programs, project financing options and qualified products right now.


Over 3,200 utilities in the United States and Canada that are analyzed and updated daily


Program details, including program timelines and eligibility requirements


Eliminate manual rebate calculations that would take hours to complete and quickly find available rebates to include in ROI calculations


Tens of thousands of unique incentive calculations for midstream and downstream commercial + industrial programs

Let us show you what the Encentivizer platform can do for your business.



There are a lot of energy efficiency rebates out there – Encentivizer Awareness™ helps you find them.

icon_awareness_02Reinvent the way you manage energy efficiency rebates from start to finish – improve awareness, drive intelligent decision making and bring agility to your department.

Awareness can integrate via an API into your website or other energy efficiency tools. Seamlessly educate and inform your site visitors of the latest rebate and financing programs – and link directly to your product catalog for a comprehensive user experience.

The most advanced and reliable rebate program intelligence in the industry.


Start by entering a zip code and then click search – it’s that easy


Access accurate rebate program details that you need – with one click


Search over 3,000 Investor Owned, Cooperative and Municipal Utilities to find every rebate available


Portfolio Awareness

Streamline efficiency for multi-site proposals with sites that may or may not be located in one utility territory -quickly add high-level rebate estimates to a site list. Visually discover what locations offer the highest rebates and best financing options all on an interactive map! This will allow you to quickly prioritize project rollout plans and ensure maximum ROI.



Product Awareness

Instantly find products that qualify for rebates and see the rebate on a product level. Use meaningful product data that you can modify to meet your customer’s changing needs.

  • Full visibility of all qualified products
  • Search qualified products by type, category or SKU
  • Scope of work change? Update products and watch the values adjust automatically




Let us show you what the Encentivizer platform can do for your business.



Get real-time energy savings calculations, incentive estimates and program details for both custom and prescriptive measures.

ss_encentivizerxlMeet the Encentivizer Project Estimator.

Estimate energy efficiency rebates for any utility in the US or Canada without spending time navigating complicated utility programs.

Evaluate rebates for a single project scope or take an average scope and estimate rebates across an entire site list

You can get the app to have all the features of Encentivizer Project Estimator on-the-go.

Get the Mobile App

ss_potentialprojectsEasy to Use

  • Respond to RFPs quicker when you’re able to generate energy efficiency estimates across an entire site list
  • Compare energy bill and kWh savings
  • Simple Payback – both energy savings + rebates impact project cost – immediately see if your project hits the winning 2-year break-even point
  • Generate a branded incentive summary based on the actual project scope


icon_submission_02In SOME utility programs we can build accurate applications that auto-populate with your project data.

No more typing all of the tedious product details – imagine how much time you’ll save with Encentivizer Intel-E-Fill™.

Contact us if you want to see if it’s available for your utility.


Additional Platform Features


Enterprise reporting tools that include project status, incentive amounts and close rates


Custom branded site for submission of projects


Enterprise analysis tools that help evaluate and promote specific product selection


Data can be exported into CRM systems