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We maintain a library of M&V data sets to support your project submission


Multi-Year Payments

PJM payments can last up to 4 years


Retroactive Opportunity

Projects can be submitted to PJM up to four years after the project is complete


Aggregation Maximizes Value

Being part of an aggregated submission helps even the smallest projects qualify

pjm_chartWhat is the PJM Energy Efficiency Program?

These RTO’s also oversee wholesale electricity and capacity markets that ensure the safety and reliability of our electric grid. The largest RTO is called PJM Interconnection, LLC and covers all or parts of thirteen states throughout the Mid-Atlantic and is responsible for delivering electricity to more than 61 million people. PJM recognizes that energy efficiency helps permanently reduce the need to build new generation and transmission and offers payments to customers who implement energy efficiency projects throughout the PJM footprint.

There are many types of projects that qualify:

  • New Construction
  • Lighting Renovations
  • Motor Upgrades
  • HVAC
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
  • More!

Enrolling in the PJM Energy Efficiency Program is Easy


No Cost Assessment

We will review your completed or planned projects to assess the revenue potential


No Risk Submission

All of the paperwork as well as the supporting calculations will be handled for you


Get Paid Quarterly

Receive a quarterly payment based on the approved peak kW reduction

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Source: PJM EER