Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, agent, utility, program implementer, or an ESCO, Encentivizer can help you with utility rebate estimates, customer engagement, product qualification, proposals, and keeping up with utility program changes.

The Encentivizer Database is at the core of every product we offer

The main component that powers each product is our proprietary database. This gives you incredible insight into every utility program connected with qualified products for LED lighting, horticulture, HVAC, controls, fans, VFD, refrigeration, and more. Encentivizer allows the information to be delivered in many different ways.

How do we keep the data updated for you?

We take our data very seriously, so it’s important how we keep it up to date. We have a multi-step process.

  1. Proprietary software to track changes in utility programs
  2. Our team of analysts work on rebate processing and continuously updating the database
  3. We’re registered as trade allies and get regular communications from utilities
  4. And we have secret undercover robots at every utility in North America

Utilities analyzed daily

Over 3,200 utilities analyzed and updated daily

DLC® & ENERGY STAR® Product Catalog

Every detail you need to know on hundreds of thousands of qualified energy efficiency products

Rebates + Incentive Calculations

Tens of thousands of unique incentive calculations for midstream and downstream C&I programs

No Data Maintenance

This includes all utility program information, qualified product lists, and calculations


All Encentivizer products are quick and easy to implement. Generally, subscriptions are priced by the types of products or by the number of users you need. This can be very cost-effective in terms of capital planning and is also extremely flexible — enabling you to scale up and add more people or products as your business grows. Since Encentivizer is cloud-based, there is no special installation and no hardware needed. This keeps IT costs low and makes implementation easy even for companies that have update schedules.

Catalog Widget

Empower your agents, distributors, and sales teams to work smarter and connect your customers to quickly find your DLC® and ENERGY STAR® qualified products and rebates in their location. Drive traffic to your website and provide quick and easy access to rebate information for them.

Power your sales and marketing strategy with actionable insights and reporting. See who’s using the Encentivizer widget and hand your sales team their next win.

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Payback Widget

Transform your proposals with rebates and energy savings, and quickly show prospects the benefit of an LED upgrade.

Get a downloadable 4-page report with every project analysis that is based on the project specified that includes project details, energy savings, utility rebates, ROI, payback, and environmental impact.

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Product Awareness

Streamline your sales and marketing strategies by quickly accessing where utility rebates are highest for any product in your catalog. Build segmented marketing campaigns, promote new product launches, sell more overstock, and higher margin fixtures.

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Rebate Explorer

It’s never been easier or faster to get utility rebate estimates for a specific product category anywhere in the US or Canada. Encentivizer Rebate Explorer has the rules and requirements for every utility, so you’ll know program status, if pre-approval or pre/post-inspection are required, plus eligibility notes (that includes bonus programs), and more!

Filter by product category to see rebate estimates across the country, and filter by utility program details to compare things like status, kWh rates, pre-approval, rules, and more! You can also click a link directly to the utility program website from the utility detail page.

User friendly navigation and a powerful new way to research utility program details and rebates. It also keeps track of utilities, categories, and zip codes that you recently searched so you can easily access previous searches.

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You build the solution, we provide access to Encentivizer cloud-based rebate program data and calculation engines. Designed to allow developers to quickly and easily incorporate rebate data into their applications.

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