Do you need an energy efficient funding solution beyond the traditional bank lender? When planning new construction, a renovation/remodel or CAPX project we deliver alternative funding solutions for your energy efficient upgrade. Contact us and we can help you decide which option is the right fit.

Utility Rebate Program Management

icon_demo_02Utility Programs

The Encentivizer ties it all together.

  • Leading technology-based marketing and outreach solution to maximize participation in utility rebate programs
  • Designed to work in conjunction with current efforts to achieve goals
  • Customize the program for each trade ally to provide real-time energy savings calculations and rebate estimates based on specific project data
  • Intel-E-Fill function allows for the integration of the rebate estimate into the utility program’s application or online portal

icon_analyticsUse Encentivizer Advanced Analytics™ to provide line-by-line product and measure analysis.

  • Trade ally usage, project estimates, program application submissions, and more
  • Reporting includes project status and rebate amounts
  • Customized reporting fields
  • 24/7 reporting access
  • Data can be exported into CRM systems

PACE Financing Administration

Property-assessed clean energy (PACE) helps businesses finance energy efficiency projects. You can receive financing to cover the up-front cost of qualified energy upgrades and then repay the cost through a special assessment on your property tax over a period of years or decades.

There are many benefits of PACE financing, including being able to spread the cost of the energy improvement over the lifetime of the project and eliminating the up-front cost barrier.

Don’t miss out on energy savings. Learn more about PACE.

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