Encentivizer is easy-to-use and offers tons of capabilities. There’s a solution for every market in the energy efficiency industry — whether you need to find qualified products and accurate estimates, conduct multi-site estimates, increase program engagement, and so much more!

Encentivizer pushes boundaries of what energy efficiency software can do.

Product Categories Found in Encentivizer

  • LED Lighting
  • Horticulture
  • HVAC
  • Controls
  • Fans
  • And More!

Product Manufacturers

Be the resource your customers and sales teams can’t live without.

Encentivizer Catalog Widget, Payback Widget, and Product Awareness are powerful alone, but even better together.

Encentivizer Catalog Widget

Provide all information regarding utility rebates for your qualified products to your sales channels and customers on your website. Simplify the research process by eliminating manual rebate calculations, provide accurate estimates, product cut sheets, DLC® screenshots, links to the utility program, and more.
Seal the deal. Your sales team and agents can provide a better quote package to your customers.

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Encentivizer Payback Calculator

Quickly show prospects the benefits of an energy efficient upgrade right on your website. Break down barriers and close sales faster by adding rebate estimates and energy savings into proposals to offset project cost. Include a downloadable 4-page report based on the project specified that includes project details, energy savings, utility rebates, ROI, payback, and environmental impact.

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Encentivizer Product Awareness

Your sales and marketing teams can quickly assess where rebates are the highest for any product in your catalog.
Results from the reports can drive your business development efforts, sales strategy, and marketing campaigns.
View rebates on an interactive map of North America easily seeing where rebates are the highest.

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Do you have an ecommerce store or looking to start one?

The first instant rebate plugin designed exclusively for your ecommerce store to offer instant utility rebates in the cart for commercial LED lighting (horticulture, HVAC, water heating, and more coming soon!).

We’ve built a new (and different) kind of plugin for ecommerce stores. Designed to help you sell more on all the popular ecommerce platforms. Built for small and growing sites and larger enterprise sites!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!


Distributors and Agents

Discover utility rebate estimates and program details, ROI/payback reports, and more.

Keeping track of utility programs in multiple states or nationally is impossible to do on your own. Save time researching rebates in unfamiliar utilities and assemble most of the documentation for submission. Manufacturers provide these tools on their websites for distributors and agents to use.

If you would like to know which manufacturers offer the Encentivizer tools on their website, send us an email and we’ll let you know! hello@encentivenergy.com

Utilities and Program Implementers

Improve customer engagement and increase program participation.

Create a unified experience that will make utility rebates more accessible to more customers at a lower cost. Improve engagement with customers by providing easy-to-use resources that will help them understand the benefits of energy efficiency.

Encentivizer can be directly integrated into your website to help engage with customers, providing them with information they need regarding rebates, ROI, and project financing options – tools that take customers from research all the way through to rebate submission.

  • Reduce program costs by allowing customers to see accurate program information and rebates.
  • Get estimates in real-time, and submit them to you on their mobile device.
  • Rebate information and integrated product lists reduce errors so that applications can be final approved quickly.

A seamless experience that will make utility rebates more accessible to everyone.



Transform your workflow and standardize the way your customers see information all while helping customers make faster purchasing decisions.

Estimate energy efficiency rebates for any utility in the US or Canada without spending time navigating complicated utility programs.

It’s never been easier or faster to estimate utility rebates for a specific product category. We have the rules and requirements for every utility, so you’ll also be able to make sure you’re taking all the necessary steps to get a rebate.

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