Payback Calculator

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Put savings on energy efficiency products into context with our Payback Calculator. Users add information about the facility, usage information, and other costs to generate a downloadable PDF report detailing a project’s potential energy savings and return on investment.


Make project estimates simple with our Payback Calculator. Users can input information about their project line by line, including information about location, existing fixtures, proposed fixtures, labor and maintenance costs, and more. The Payback Summary gives an overview of costs and payback information for the project, or download the report to have a proposal-ready document with a detailed project scope.

Highlighted Features

Download Payback Report

Download a customized payback report, complete with the ROI, energy savings, and more.

Full Project Scope

Add information line by line to get an accurate project overview in minutes.

Payback Summary

Get an overview of the project’s cost, including rebate savings and payback period.

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