Rebate Finder

For manufacturers to reach energy efficiency product buyers.

The Rebate Finder allows users to input their location, utility and the product category they’re looking for, then directs them to your energy efficiency certified, rebate-eligible products in that category.  We make it simple for people to find all available rebates nationwide for all of your certified products.


Increased awareness of your available products and the potential savings through rebate programs enables more customers to purchase through you. Add a column for controls rebate to emphasize more savings.

Sales teams can also leverage the Rebate Finder to find that information during negotiations, using rebates to inspire and target sales. You’ll have access to detailed reporting on widget users and their behavior to further your sales enablement strategy.

Highlighted Features

Accurate rebate estimation

Input existing wattage and annual hours in addition to location for the most accurate estimate.

Share and download

Download a CSV of all rebate eligible products, or share by copying the link.

Product info on demand

Upload product cut sheets and DLC® or ENERGYSTAR® certification for reference.


It provides a much needed tool to our customers and sales channels, while also eliminating manual rebate calculations that would take our team hours to complete, and we don’t have to maintain the data.

Director of Marketing, Mid-size Manufacturer

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